As Ronald Coase says,  “if you torture the data long enough it will confess”.  The young researcher, convinced he knows the truth will make changes in his specifications and very likely produce significant results. In some cases this is correct; his original specification was wrong and his new one is right. Nevertheless, this procedure reduces the significance of the significance test.

-Gordon Tullock, A Comment on Daniel Klein’s “A Plea to Economists Who Favor Liberty”

My intention for this blog is to explore and combine various publicly available data sources to find new and entertaining tidbits to share with all of you!  I plan to share as much about the methodology as I do about the results so that this can be a collaborative learning experience rather than a focus on the findings without giving you an understanding of how I got there.

I hope to not be guilty of “torturing the data,” and I appreciate comments and feedback on all analyses and code to keep me honest!